3 Recommended foods for breakfast

A good breakfast for you in the morning must have carbohydrates and fiber and some protein that your body needs. Foods such as oatmeal or bananas contain resistant starch (RS), which resistant starch helps your body use excess fat in your body to become energy. You only need 10 grams (RS) every day for your diet more leverage. Meanwhile, if you want to have a good breakfast at a good restaurant, just check out What Time Does Golden Corral Stop Serving Breakfast.

Here are the 3 best meals that are recommended for Breakfast:


This fruit is very popular in recommend for those of you who want to diet, in because bananas have carbohydrates and fiber are good for the body. Bananas also have a potassium content that is good for the consumption of people who have hypertension (high blood pressure).

A good banana for consumption is a banana that has a slightly greenish skin tone.

Eggs are the most used food ingredient for a morning meal. It turns out eggs have good protein for people who are dieting and vitamin D.

Compared with foods with high carbohydrates and fats, it turns out the protein in the eggs make your body feel fuller and more durable.

It is recommended not to eat too many eggs, just 1 egg in the morning.


The sour taste has a variety of proteins and calcium is good for the body, and help you in a healthier diet.

Eating yogurt regularly in the morning helps your body to be slimmer, and keeps your body full. Yogurt also helps you have a better digestive system.