Although Simple, But It Can Help You Get Rid Of Stress!

1. Swim – or take a warm bath in the bath
Floating in water triggers a body relaxation response, which helps suppress stress hormone levels. If there is no time to go to the pool, soak in the bathtub, accompanied by aromatherapy candles and soft music. Or, simply soak feet in warm water sprinkled with herb oil or aromatherapy. But if you feel you cannot handle the stress you are experiencing alone then it will be good if you ask for help from the best therapist and trusted as you can find at in order to bring you the solutions toward the problems and stress that you are experiencing.

2. Dancing
In those days that feel heavy, resting mentally and physically with spontaneous dancing can be the savior of your bad mood. Play your favorite tunes and try some silly dance moves in the bedroom or office bathroom booth. Move body, jumping, and singing to the rhythm is a great way to relieve stress from all the pressure piles.

3. Doodling
Doodling or drawing on paper is believed to be an effective way to calm a cluttered mind when under pressure and eliminate nervousness. All you really need is a pen and a piece of paper. Do it when you get tired of being trapped in a weekly meeting, talking on the phone, or when you’re jarring with anxiety. Doodling promotes relaxation and reduces the tension of batik. In addition, doodling also helps improve focus and creativity.