Causes of Sensitive Teeth

If you experience sharp pain every time you eat or drink something hot or cold, cavities can be the cause of your toothache. However, this can also be a sign that you may have sensitive teeth; either because of the recession of the gums (gum line recedes to cause tooth root surface to open) or tooth enamel thinning. Dental treatments, such as rotten tooth removal, braces or dentures, can also cause teeth to become sensitive. Visit Kassi Klein DDS to get the right treatment.

While waiting for your dentist’s appointment to confirm the cause of your sensitive teeth, use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste specifically designed for sensitive teeth to help ease the symptoms – no more than twice a day. Or, use toothpaste as an ointment by applying it to the sore tooth area for about 10 minutes (repeat if needed). You can also use painkillers to temporarily dampen the pain. See your doctor for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.