Check these 3 primary components when you buy a used computer

Although in reality now already mobile. Many use a laptop or even a smaller tablet device though, but nevertheless no doubt that the computer or PC will still survive and probably will not be shifted along with the development of these technologies. I actually agree that something new is much nicer and safer. But it never hurts to buy used goods, who knows can spend the funds for other purposes. Okay, just try following these tips if you want to buy a คอมมือสองราคาถูก, they may be useful:

Monitor = Monitor is a computer hardware to display images/video. Before you decide to buy a used computer, make sure the monitor is still good or has problems. The way to turn on the monitor, try setting on the Brightness value 0%, and setting also on the Contrast give 100% value. As a result, if the black monitor display is dark then the monitor is still good, but if the monitor is a bit bluish or a color other than dark black means the monitor is problematic. And you should note, when the monitor is turned on then the screen image should not shake. If the monitor time is turned on and then the screen image shake, then the monitor is also problematic.

Motherboard = Motherboard is the parent component of the computer to install the processor, memory, hard drive, and other components. I suggest also before you buy a used computer, check also its motherboard. Indeed, in checking this motherboard, it seems you should be accompanied by experts in the field of computers. The important motherboard should have a complete slot for future upgrade.

Processor = The processor is the brain of all processes in the computer. The higher the speed of the processor, the higher the performance of the computer in the process. So for that before you buy a used computer, checking the processor is important so you do not regret later. Check the processor, whether the speed or frequency according to your needs or not?