Choose the Sports That Appropriate For Your Age

The physical condition of each person varies, including potential illnesses likely, previous disease history, and illnesses experienced by a family of previous generations. Here are the sports options that match your age!

Age 20s
For those of you who are in their 20s, this decade is often said to be the culmination of human metabolism. At this time, all body functions work in its optimal capacity. At this age, professional athletes who pursue sports with high levels of stop and go, reach the peak of his career. At this young age, all kinds of sports are not a problem. But one of the cardio exercises you can do easily is run by using the best treadmills under 1000 for home.

Age 30s
This age is most vulnerable to dangers when exercising. Because most of us still think the body is still as fit as the 20s. Until the mid-30s, we can still pursue competitive sports. However, we need to remember body capacity and reduce the duration of exercise time.