Early Childhood Educational and Game Requirements

Playing can provide maximum benefits to children, such as playing compose foam building blocks that have so many benefits that can get for them. Apart from that the following 5 terms of play and educational games for early childhood you need to pay attention!

a. Play Time
The child must have enough time to play. Early childhood is a period of play, not a child’s time to be forced to learn or work. The right time for a child to play can be adjusted to the type of game.

b. Play Things
The type of game equipment should be tailored to the child’s age and level of development. The game equipment should be safe for children, size, shape, and color according to the age of the child and the level of its development, functioning to develop all aspects of child development, can be played varied / way, etc.

c. Play Fellows
The child should feel confident that he has a playmate if he needs. Playmates can be determined by their own children, whether they are parents, relatives or friends. If the child is playing alone, then he will lose the opportunity to learn from his friends.

d. Play Space
To play needs to be provided enough playgrounds for children so that children can move freely. The area of the playground can be adapted to the type of game and the number of children playing.

e. Play Rules
Children learn to play, through self-experimentation, imitating their friends or being told how by others (teachers or parents).