Are You Familiar With Diet Keto Term?

Have you ever heard of the term ketogenic diet? The diet which is also often referred to as keto diet is quite an extreme diet and promoted as a diet that only takes a short time. However, is keto diet safe or dangerous? Keto diet is a diet that implements low-carbohydrate and high-fat diets. If the normal fat consumption is about 20-30%, ketogenic diet recommends fat intake reaches 60-70%. You can find out the best way to implement such that diet method by benefiting from reviews factor

Keto diet is a diet that limits the consumption of carbohydrates strictly, with the aim of making the body fall under ketosis. Under normal circumstances, ketosis occurs when a person does not consume carbohydrates or consumes very little carbohydrate. Carbohydrate deficiency makes glucose levels down in the body, so the body began to break down fat to be used as a source of energy. This results in the breakdown of fat called ketones accumulate in the body.

The keto diet was first introduced by Dr. Gianfranco Cappello, a professor at the University of Sapienza in Italy. In his study, more than 19,000 dietetic keto participants experienced rapid weight loss with minimal side effects. In addition, most participants also did not experience significant weight gain after one year. According to his research report, the average participant experienced a weight loss of 10.2 kg after 2.5 cycles of a ketogenic diet. Capello concluded that this diet method is a good way to lose weight in obese people with side effects such as minimal fatigue.

In another case, Bette Klein, a nutritionist at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital used this method to alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy in children. He stated that this diet is effectively applied to children who are not susceptible to therapy with two types of anti-epilepsy drugs. Approximately 50% of children who undergo this diet decreased the frequency of seizures. However, until now not known exactly what causes this to happen.