How to clean your own carpet by yourself

For some people carpet washing is a tiring and time-consuming task, many of them prefer to wash the carpet with laundry/laundry, but if we have the desire and spend a little time then the washing can be done as long as we do it with pleasure careful and sincere, besides will get its own satisfaction also at least reduce the cost than to give it to the laundry or laundry. For more details about how to wash the carpet please refer to the explanation below. However, if you wish to get the professional’s help, you can visit and hire a good carpet cleaner.

clean water,
bucket of water mixed with anti-germ soap,
ciduk / bayung,
broom stick.
Vacuum cleaner (if any)
water stimulator for washing motor / car (if any)

How to wash

Place the carpet on the floor, do not let any parts that fold or roll up so that all parts of the carpet can be cleaned perfectly, then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. if you do not have a vacuum cleaner it can be used sapulidi, but by using sapulidi then a lot of dust that flies then close the nose with a mask or cloth so that dust does not enter the lungs, how to clean carpet dust with sapulidi is to put carpet on the fence / cross wood (do not have a folded part) then pkul-claw with a broom stick until all the dust is gone.

After no more dust attached to the carpet then the next stage is to wet the carpet, Put the carpet on the floor of the wall siramlah (spray pake water from the hose or if there is used water spray stimulant used to wash the motor / car) carpet with clean water then flush with soapy water.

Start brushing with a soft brush slowly and low pressure on both surfaces of the carpet with one-way brush motion while pointing soap and water granules towards the rim of the carpet, to remove the smell on the carpet then flush the carpet with water that has been given fragrance and fabric softener.

Put the carpet back on the wooden fence and then flush clean water until there is no frothy parts. then dry the carpet in the hot sun for 1-2 days to dry properly.