Internet Network in the Tourism Area Must be noticed

As we know that the internet today has become a primary need for everyone. The Internet can not only be used for work but also used as entertainment. Therefore, the current development of social media is very high. With the presence of social media then everyone can freely share their activities, one of them by uploading their vacation photos to social media. But the problem, how can the tourists upload photos if there is no internet access in the area. Well at this time you do not need to worry because with the help of satellite internet like then the tourists can easily upload their vacation photos.

Apart from that, indirectly affect the speed of promotion of tourists who visit. If the telecommunication network is smooth, it also becomes a challenge for local government and other related institutions. Internet access is no longer a secondary need, but it has become a primary need. So in the tourist area should be supported by adequate internet access. Social media is a very effective promotional tool for promoting tourism. And in general, tourists who visit will directly upload their photos to social media accounts.