Why Should Not Be Smoke In An Air-Conditioned Room?

Most people do not know well why smoking is prohibited in the air-conditioned room. Not infrequently from those who still heed this ban, but if left unchecked will bring a great impact on our health. In addition, it can also damage the air conditioner, so it would be better if checked immediately by professional air conditioning service such as in airconservicingsingapore.com/. Apart from that, here are some explanations of why smoking is prohibited in an AC room!

1. Cigarette smoke in the air-conditioned room cannot get out because the room is always in a closed state.

2. AC contains a Freon gas that can react with hot temperatures and produce toxic gases

3. In the room, air-conditioned cigarette smoke will stick to the air containing dew dots that will become dirty air containing harmful substances. So that will bring a greater influence because the air that has been contaminated by cigarette smoke will we breathe again.